I like to capture the fast-paced dynamics of New York City street. What is exciting and energizes me is how spontaneous the process is, and how unpredictable people are. Some are completely unaware of being photographed, some may see me and try to pose and wave, others may be hostile to what they consider an intrusion. I sometimes stop and ask someone if I could take their picture. The more I do this, the easier it becomes.

I use a full frame Leica camera, with a very sharp wide-angle lens, and is very fast in focusing and shooting. Generally, I try to photograph on sunny days, which gives increased contrast, with light and shadows. Places with interesting forms, light and street geometry provide a good background and foreground to the people I photograph. Very often, my subjects are in motion, walking toward me. I try to focus on my main subject, but often include others in the frame.

What attracts me to photograph someone is sometimes an expression, an action, a detail, colors, or reflections.

What has kept me going, all along is the excitement of being on the streets, and my pleasure in finding unpredictable encounters in an ever-changing city.

Instagram: @susankozodoysilkowitz